SEO Solutions, Brand and Identity

Who you are is important to who I am.

What a long strange trip it has been.

Over the years I have seen the evolution of SEO into quite an art form. From the days of hidden keywords formatted in the same font color as your background, to overloaded keyword and description meta tags that read like Ye Old English novels. The process of getting found in search engines has certainly come a long way, to a place of good practices and established standards.

As a front facing designer and UX developer, my approach to SEO is bundled in my design process. My focus tends to lean toward aspects of on-page SEO initially, with off-page solution analysis as an additional part of that planning stage. After mapping, framing, and the UX/UI basics are in place. I use on-page keyword research while establishing content which is translated into search engine friendly site design to maximize results.

Migrate the established identity.

When speaking of web and social media design and SEO, it is important to make sure that established identity and branding equity crossover as well. Good design will take cues from the type of print media and documented advertising methods of a client. With the tools that are available to designers these days, we can carry over branded color schema, font styles, spacing needs, unique buzzwords and more into solutions. Considering things like how social sites and display mechanisms will utilize favicons and meta descriptions can lead to good design practices and results.